Environmental Education Program

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve Environmental Education Program began educating students in 1990 in regional schools where it had influence. Over the years, this program has consolidated its content and geographical reach.

Currently, our work impacts 12 schools in the upper and middle sections of the Bell Bird Biological Corridor. Students receive environmental education workshops from first through sixth grades at their elementary schools. They also enjoy educational guided tours to the Monteverde Reserve with their teachers, tutors, and family members. During these tours, participants learn about the cloud forest’s biodiversity and the relationships between its inhabitants.

Among our strategic allies in the community are local government institutions and conservation organizations. Actively participating committees share tasks, which maximizes human and financial resources. This support allows us to hold ecological contests, vacation programs, environmental fairs, clean-up and reforestation campaigns, and many other environmental education activities.

Our goal is for students to learn about cloud forest biodiversity, be aware of environmental issues, and be willing to be strategic allies in protecting cloud forest ecosystems.

Direct beneficiaries:

  • Students from first through sixth grades and their teachers from 12 elementary schools
  • Family members and students in the Guacimal and Monteverde districts
  • Monteverde Reserve officials and their families
  • The staff of government institutions and local NGOs

Indirect beneficiaries:

  • Tourism transportation sector
  • National naturalist guides
  • Tourism companies and tour operators
  • Hotels and gastronomy businesses
  • Organized groups and families that experience the community’s environmental culture when they visit Monteverde
  1. The Adventures of Ana in the Cloud Forest (children’s story)
  2. The Green Side of the Beach (children’s story)
  3. Interpretation of the Cloud Forest Trail (interpretive guide)
  4. “Symbiotic Relationships in the Cloud Forest” (educational brochure)
  5. “Biodiversity of the Cloud Forest” (educational brochure)
  6. Common Cloud Forest Plants (field manual)
  7. Environmental Magazine article: “20 years of the Monteverde Reserve Environmental Education Program.”

General Data
Program start: march 1989

Duration: Permanent program

Status: Active





Areas of expertise:

Climate change
Environmental education
Solid waste management
Environmental interpretation