Why we are foundraising to protect costa rica’s monteverde cloud forest
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Why we are foundraising to protect costa rica’s monteverde cloud forest

Why we are foundraising to protect costa rica’s monteverde cloud forest

Why are we founrasing to protect the Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest

The Friends of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve recently launched an exciting fundraising campaign inviting you to Be Part of the Solution to support vital education and conservation programs in the Monteverde cloud forest region of Costa Rica. 

Friends of Monteverde is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in Ohio. Since 1992, we have supported the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, owned by the Tropical Science Center (TSC) in Costa Rica,

through tax-deductible contributions from U.S. citizens and corporations. These donations are used exclusively by the Tropical Science Center for environmental education, scientific research, habitat protection, and biodiversity preservation at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve.

Why are we protecting the cloud forest?

Cloud forests are one of the most endangered ecosystems on Earth. Of all remaining forests on the planet, only 1% are cloud forests. These rare ecosystems play an important role in regulating the Earth’s climate and impact global weather systems, which affect us all. They are a major source of freshwater and house an extraordinary amount of unique biodiversity.

be part of the solution with us!
become a cloud forest ambassador

We know folks like you appreciate natural places and understand that education is the most powerful force to conserve biodiversity, tackle climate change, and create a more sustainable future for our planet. We believe that, together, we can make the change to preserving our home on Earth

A future sustainable

One of the ways the Tropical Science Center works to ensure a sustainable future for the cloud forest is through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve’s Environmental Education Program. For over 30 years, this program has taught thousands of students to respect and appreciate our natural environment and resources and to safeguard cloud forests for our future.

Here is how you can support our “Cloud Forest Ambassador” campaign:

Your donation supports environmental education and creates awareness of the importance of preserving the cloud forest and our planet’s natural places. Give the gift of education and hope for the future. 

Be Part of the Solution!
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Donate in one of four ways:

Friends of Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
c/o Cleveland Botanical Gardens, 

11030 East Boulevard, 
Cleveland, Ohio 44106 

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